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Inspiration and creativity.

About Me


Who am I?

My name is Cristian. I was made in 1994 in a small town in Transylvania and I am passionate about design ever since. I consider myself a creative person and I can handle the unexpected. I love learning and experiencing new things, and with listening carefully and asking the right questions, I can get to the core of the conversation very quickly.

The multi-functional me…

What I Do?

Logotype design & branding

One of my favourite things to do is design logos. They are the face of a company/brand and they can send the right message when done properly.


I do photography with any given change and try to get my creative juices flowing. From my point of view, the best photographs are taken by mistake.

Web Design

An article I once read said “Web Design is not just about design”, and I agree. Web design goes beyond that and it focuses on user.  A good website = 1/3 art, 1/3 business, and 1/3 science.

Graphic Design

Yes, I do that too. Graphic Design is something I’ve learned “on the go”. With doing a Computing course at University which focused more on web and multimedia, I started to like colours and shapes and then I started creating mini-personal-projects in order to improve my graphic design skills.

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